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Islam Is Not the Source of Terrorism, But Its Solution

During the last two decades in particular, the concept of "Islamic terror" has been often discussed. In the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks on targets in New York and Washington which caused the death of tens of thousands of innocent civilians, this concept has once again returned to the top of the international agenda.
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The Call For An "Islamic Union"

The Sept. 11 terrorist attacks were a turning point for the world, one that completely altered its political and strategic balances. Some political commentators even say that Sept. 11, 2001 marked the real beginning of the twenty-first century. Looking back at the century just passed, the most important elements of opinion and belief shaping it were ideologies and the relations between these ideologies.
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Waiting For Jesus

We are Muslims who love Jesus, believe in all his miracles and noble morality, know that he will come back to the world again to save humanity and we are eagerly waiting for this great and blessed event to happen.
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The last century was full of war, cruelty, mass killings and racist attacks; a time of genocide. The reason behind these tragedies began to emerge in the 19th century. Materialist thought, which had been claiming since ancient times that matter was all that existed, drew strength from the theory of evolution that Darwin proposed in the 19th century, and ideologies entirely lacking in religion spread widely throughout the world. These ideologies soon turned into societies’ philosophies of life.

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