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Muslims in the American Army

The Muslim presence in the American army is increasing day by day. At the beginning of the 1990s there were 2,500 Muslims in the army; now there are between 15,000 and 20,000 soldiers.50 There are two reasons for this rapid increase: the general increase of the Muslim population in America and that some soldiers who served in Muslim countries converted. Their continual increase has allowed them to perform their religious duties in peace. The first of these was the army's appointment of a Muslim chaplain to minister to Muslim soldiers, an important indication that the Muslims' presence in the army has been officially recognized. Colonel Herman Keizer spoke of this fact in a 1994 speech: "This reflected the growing number of Muslims in the services over the past 10 years. It mirrors growth in the US society … where Islam is the fastest growing religion in the United States."51

The famous John Hancock Center and the Sears Tower were constructed by a Muslim architect.

As a result, the army has made some concessions to make life easier for Muslim soldiers. For example, pork is not included in their meals, they can perform their Friday congregational prayers, and those who wish to make pilgrimage have an easier time of fulfilling this obligation. These concessions were reported in the Washington Post in 1998:

During Ramadan, when Muslims refrain from food and drink during daylight hours, military commanders are urged to accommodate their fasting servicemen and women-excusing them, in some cases, from rigorous physical exercise. The commanders also allow flexible work hours so Muslims can take iftar, the traditional fast-ending meal, and attend the social gatherings and community prayers that usually follow.52

Thus the American armed forces are genuinely interested in Muslims and try to meet their needs when possible. One of the main reasons for this is certainly the religious character of the American people. The belief of many Americans in God has led them to adopt a respectful and tolerant attitude toward Muslims, especially after they have learned about Islamic values. On of the best instances of this can be seen in an address given by the former Deputy Defense Secretary John Hamre:

I think that as Muslims and as Christians, we understand what it means to live under a world of authority-the authority that's been revealed to us by God…. We are partners and we are friends and we celebrate with our Islamic brothers and sisters tonight in this feast, and throughout the year. In an America that sometimes is too busy worrying about the latest fad in clothes, or the newest model of car or other material things, it is good to be with people who think in a broader way, who think about their relationship to God, who think about charity, alms giving, as one of the central mandates of life. This is a great thing. You're a great people to be with.53

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