The Pope Asked Christians to Fast

The growth of Islam is also reflected in the recent growth of interfaith dialogue. These dialogues start by stating that the three monotheistic religions have a common beginning and can come together at a common point. Such dialogues have been quite successful and have engendered an important rapprochement, especially between Christians and Muslims. In the Qur'an, God informs us that Muslims invite the People of the Book (Christians and Jews) to unite on a common ground:

Say: "O People of the Book, come to a proposition that is the same for us and you-that we should worship none but God, and not associate any partners with Him, and not take one another as lords besides God." If they turn away, say: "Bear witness that we are Muslims." (Qur'an, 3: 64)

The three monotheistic religions have common beliefs and the same moral values. Belief in God's Existence and Unity, angels, Prophets, the Last Day, Heaven and Hell are their basic tenets of faith. Furthermore, self-sacrifice, humility, love, tolerance, respect, mercy, honesty, avoiding wrongdoing and injustice, and acting according to conscience are all commonly accepted moral qualities. Therefore, since these three religions are on the same level, they must work together to eradicate the strife, conflict, and pain caused by irreligious ideologies. When considered from this point of view, interfaith dialogue assumes far more importance. The seminars and conferences that bring representatives of these religions together, and the messages of peace and brotherhood that come out of them, have continued regularly since the mid-1990s.

These initiatives have increased since 9/11. After these attacks, various members of the Christian clergy were among the most important advocates of Islam, saying that there is no terror or violence in Islam, and that it is a religion of peace, justice, and tolerance. The Pope, spiritual leader of Roman Catholics, and many other prominent members of the clergy said that Islam and Muslims cannot be held responsible for these attacks. Moreover, not content with this, they asked forgiveness on behalf of those people who held Muslims responsible and tried to harm Muslims.

A report entitled "Intercultural Dialogue" in Deutschland magazine gives an account of interfaith dialogue in Germany. These efforts are supported by President Rau.(above) In an article in the Telegraph entitled "The Need for Understanding and Tolerance between Islam and the West," Prince Charles stressed the importance of interfaith dialogue.The Pope often speaks about the brotherhood among religions and the importance of dialogue. The Vatican is making efforts in this regard. A report in the Detroit News, entitled "Pope urges religious tolerance," includes statements by the Pope on this matter.

The Qur'an's values suggest that people from every religion should live together in harmony and peace.

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