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The last century was full of war, cruelty, mass killings and racist attacks; a time of genocide. The reason behind these tragedies began to emerge in the 19th century. Materialist thought, which had been claiming since ancient times that matter was all that existed, drew strength from the theory of evolution that Darwin proposed in the 19th century, and ideologies entirely lacking in religion spread widely throughout the world. These ideologies soon turned into societies' philosophies of life.

The putting into practice of materialist philosophies led to the emergence of generations that crushed the weak, opposed the order of the state and discounted the concept of the family, rejected peace and brotherhood, and such values as love, devotion and respect. With the dominance of this general world view, which rejected belief in ethical values and only attached importance to material things, people became totally soulless. The materialists who tried to build a world that denied God and religion imposed on people the lie that they had no responsibility to anyone, and that they could live as they liked, ignoring everybody else.

They were partly successful in this, and a generation emerged that had been totally removed from religion and human feelings. That generation, brought up with a Darwinist education, received at university the philosophy of life that "The strong survive, the weak are eliminated," "Life means struggle," and "War is essential for development." Individuals then emerged who had studied Darwinist books and were full of such ideas. As a result of this, there increasingly emerged in society people who were increasingly distant from religion, had no belief in God or the hereafter, and never thought about the Day of Judgment. As teachers in universities, politicians, artists, sportsmen, intellectuals and scientists were influenced by the philosophy of materialism, their words, ideas and everything they produced were each a product of this lack of religion. Discoveries by scientists were linked to the nonsense of evolution instead of to the fact of creation; in literature and art, every single work was based on the dominant idea of materialism; politicians, university teachers and intellectuals all praised this irreligious philosophy.


As a result of the coming to world dominance of irreligious ideologies which began to sprout in the 19th century, the 20th century took its place on the stage of history as one of disaster and tragedy.

However, the 20th century is now behind us. We are now in a new age; the 21st century. People have seen that in the last century materialist philosophy, whatever name it may go by, brought with it nothing but destruction. Societies which believe in God, pray, see the evidence of creation and give the concepts of the family, the state, the nation and ethics the importance that they deserve, have begun to emerge.


The most important reason for this, of course, is the destruction, poverty, pain and suffering inflicted on people by the ideologies of fascism and communism with their anti-religious propaganda. In Russia in particular, the whole world witnessed over and over again the disasters that lack of religion led to. Economic crises, moral degeneration, hunger… All these are a part of the black picture left behind by communist Russia, which based itself of Darwinist superstition. All of these things were a lesson to the people of the world, and encouraged an acceleration of a turning to God in the Western world.


This sudden turn has revealed itself in a striking manner in many areas. World leaders, politicians, military men, lawyers, artists, sportsmen, scientists and intellectuals are now openly expressing their belief in God. As opposed to the cruel, bloody atheist leaders of the 20th century such as Stalin, Lenin, Hitler and Mussolini and philosophers such as Marx and Engels, leaders in the 21st century have grasped the importance of belief in God, peace and spiritual values.

Alongside the leaders, artists, sportsmen, writers and intellectuals are now calling on the name of God, and reminding the West of the importance of religion and spirituality. At award ceremonies in recent years the great majority of artists have expressed their thanks to God, sportsmen have admitted that their success is a blessing from God, and many scientists have accepted the fact of creation. In the same way, people in the 21st century are aware of this important truth. All of these developments demonstrate that materialist philosophy, widely accepted in the 19th century, has given way in the 21st century to belief in God, the truth, peace and beautiful things.

This is God's promise to man:

Say: "Truth has come and falsehood has vanished. Falsehood is always bound to vanish." (The Qur'an, 17:81)

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