Day: January 20, 2021

Types of DehydratorsTypes of Dehydrators


A dehydrator is basically a device which removes water from food prior to its dehydration to help in its preservation. Food dehydrating is an ancient way of preserving meats, fruits and vegetables which were practiced since antiquity. The method involves using high heat in order to destroy all the microorganisms present in the raw food and thereby preventing bacteria from forming inside it. In the process, nutrients present in the raw food are released for the benefit of the people who consume it.


Dehydration can be achieved in different ways. There are some dehydrators which use the air to dry out the food thus preventing it from getting dehydrated. This technique however does not remove the moisture completely and also does not retain the vitamins and minerals which are responsible for the good health of the food. This means that even if the food is dried out completely it will not retain the nutritional value that is needed by the body. It must also be kept in mind that no food can be properly and perfectly dehydrated as we know it today without causing any damage to it.


The other popular dehydrator which is used for dry food preservation is the oven dehydrator. Oven dehydrators work on the basic principle of using convection to drive hot air towards the food which causes its rapid dehydration. Solar dehydrators are the most efficient way of using the sun to dry food as it conserves energy and also has the least affect on the food. There are other types of dehydrators but all of them use one main principle, which is based on the principle of heating the food using the sunlight. So no matter which type of dehydrator you choose to purchase, one thing must be kept in mind that you should get a dehydrator that works best for your purpose. So make sure that you buy the right type of dehydrator in order to get the desired results.