Choosing A Bartender For Your Event

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So, you have finally decided that you need to check out Mobile Bar Hire for that special birthday. The big upcoming wedding, a bachelor party or even a simple summer BBQ. But how can you decide on a Mobile Bar hire company that would be the most appropriate fit for the occasion? It helps to think like a client when it comes to choosing a service for any of your special events and that includes a birthday bash.


First things first: what are the special beverages you will be serving in a Mobile Bar Hire? If you are hiring a Private Event hire company, they will likely already know the right mixologists and wine servers to help you create the perfect cocktail dress. This means if you have chosen to host an intimate private event with only close friends and family, you’ll need to choose a mixer that can create drinks like red wine, mint juleps and shaken drink mix. If the main attraction of the party is a birthday boy/girl or a group of friends, then you may want to consider a wide selection of mixed drinks like frappes, logos, sangria and mixed drinks like margaritas or pitchers of beer and wine.


Once you’ve determined the types of mixed drinks and the types of cocktails you plan to serve, start thinking about the bar hire bartenders who will help you create the best-tasting drinks possible. In addition to your hiring a Mobile Bar Hire company, your bartender needs to understand your guest’s preferences when it comes to drinks. In fact, it’s better to hire bartenders who have studied your type of party before. The more comfortable they are, the better the support staff will feel. Also, don’t hesitate to ask other party-goers for opinions on potential bartenders.

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