Custom Neon Signs Can Brighten Up Your Business

As the business owner, you have a choice between either opting for a standard sign to hang over your shop or Bespoke Neon Signs. You will find that custom signs can be made with all sorts of different types of materials including aluminum, wood and plastic. Most businesses choose aluminum due to its durability and economical nature. With plastic signs, there are other choices such as acrylic, polycarbonate or glass. Wood is generally a more expensive option but it is much more attractive and comes in various different shades and textures.

Custom Neon Signs

When you opt for a custom neon sign, you will also have various design options to choose from. While some companies only require that the size and shape of the neon are what suits their business model, there are other firms who will work with you on ensuring that the design is what you want. You can have any design you like applied to the neon signs including text, images or both. The words on the sign can be designed in either script or bold type. If you need a particular font set to use then this can be arranged with the sign maker as well.


If you are thinking of using neon signs for your shop then you will have a lot of options available to you. One thing to remember however, is that the longer the word the longer it will take to flash so therefore shorter words are preferable to keep your customers awake. Another point to consider is the contrast between the bright color of the neon and the dark color on the lettering. A good rule of thumb is that the text should not be more than twice the size of the image.

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